Grace Dupuy Photography: Blog en-us (C) Grace Dupuy Photography (Grace Dupuy Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:32:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:32:00 GMT Grace Dupuy Photography: Blog 80 120 Brand Spotlight: Dagne Dover I stumbled across Dagne Dover a few months ago on Instagram- then it became one of those things I couldn’t stop seeing. I was at first drawn to their fanny packs, but quickly wanted one of everything! I wanted to do a brand spotlight feature of Dagne Dover because they are just killing the game. Based out of New York, Dagne Dover has some of the most thought out bags I have seen. The designs, materials, and social media presence are on point and I am a big fan. The bags are made of neoprene, which is so cool because it makes them sort of life- resistant. They are not waterproof, but water-resistant, making them very easy to keep clean and not stain. On top of that, they have the most gorgeous colors! I’m going to highlight some of my favorite products I own below and why.

My favorite two products are definitely the Landon and the Ace Fanny. I’ll start off with the Landon because it is SUPER versatile. It comes in five different sizes, and I own two. I have two of the smalls and one extra large, and this is seriously my all time favorite bag. The small fits way more than I expected, and is my go-to airport carry on. It has the perfect little pocket on the front that fits my cardholder or phone, which is nice when you are going through security. It also has a little mesh tech bag which I put my earbuds and memory cards in, and side compartments which make it easy to keep your things organized. I have it in the clay red and heather grey, and the grey is probably my favorite. See how I styled the clay red Landon in Prague here.

The extra large is seriously the perfect duffel. I use this guy for any of my weekend trips or shoots where I have to throw a ton of clothes, shoes, hair product etc together. This one has a shoulder strap as well as the smaller handles, making it easy to carry. The almond latte is 100% my favorite color of theirs- it goes with anything and is such a pretty neutral.

Next up: The Ace Fanny Pack. This is seriously the best fanny pack I have ever owned. I brought this guy with me to Europe this past summer, and love the security and mobility of a fanny without the compromise of style. The Ace has a big buckle that is easy to get on and off, and I prefer wearing this as a crossbody. It has a small inner and outer zip pockets you could put cards or coins in, as well as that classic small outside pouch you see on most of their bags. I have this guy in the dark moss, but the moon mist and eclipse are high on my wishlist. They just released some new colors for fall I am absolutely in love with. I also love how this bag is totally gender neutral- both my father and I sported this in Europe. Peep this bad boy on my Instagram here.

I’m going to put these next two together, because I got them in the same color. Love a good pink moment. The Andra Crossbody and the Accordion card case are just so cute. They made these flat lays easy. The Andra has become my day to day purse, being the perfect small size but also fitting whatever I need. I love how some of their bags have little vertical slots you can use for lipgloss, pens, etc, and this is one of those. It also has an open back pocket which I always use when I am in a hurry and don’t want to get into my purse. I do love how this bag is magnetic, though, because clasps can always be such a pain.

Finally, the Signature Tote (Legend Size) has assumed the roll of my work bag. I made sure to order the size that would fit my 15 inch laptop, and I swear this bag could fit even so much more. I love tying a cute patterned scarf around the handles to add a little flair. If you take a closer look at the first photo, you will see some of the many compartments to this bag. It has a section for a water bottle (sometimes I use this for a camera lens), multiple slots for lipstick or pens, and three divided sections. This bag keeps me organized and is super sturdy. Check out how I styled it in New York here.

Dagne Dover- take all my money! I’m sure I will keep getting more styles and more bags, but have my eyes especially on their new moon mist and eclipse colors. If something catches your eye, make sure to use my referral link and get 10% off!

Let me know below what your favorite bag is!


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Austin City Limits- Fashion and Survival Tips I’ve been going to Austin City Limits since I was 12, and I have learned a thing or two. Although I do love it, there are a few things to make sure you do to have the best possible festival experience. Festival fashion is also my absolute favorite, so I’ll include some of my favorite past outfits!

First tip: Health! Almost every year, I’ve gotten super sick. I haven’t gotten to the root of the problem, but I do know some ways to prevent it. I think it is mainly due to the grass, dirt, and smoke in the air, so one great way to prevent this is a festival mask or bandana. You can get either of these SO cheap, and it really will make a world of difference. Bandanas fall off a lot more easier, so I personally really prefer to use a mask. Linking my exact one here:

Second tip: Hydration, baby! Although it can be a pain to have a backpack, BRING A CAMELBACK. ACL has hydration stations everywhere, and they will refill your camelback for free and as much as you want. They will also do this with a water bottle, but I have found it to be more of a hassle. You can buy waters, but it adds up fast and you won’t drink as much as you should.

Third tip: if you ever split up with your friends, determine a time and exact location to find each other later. People always think they will have better service than they do at festivals.

Above were my two outfits from this year (2019) and below are some old ones from 2017 and 2016. Some people might think I’m crazy for wearing pants to such a hot festival, but I have always thought it to be worth it. You will be doing a lot more sitting than you think, and the grass can be so itchy and uncomfortable. And, it can get real dirty real fast. I never advocate for a skirt- shorts if you have to! You always want to be comfortable and make sure nothing will go flying.

Some other random things: make sure to take a screenshot of the show times and stage schedules. If you have a brochure, you might lose it. If you have it pulled up online, you might lose service. I’ve also had my credit card stolen twice at ACL, so definitely take advantage of the cashless option they offer! You can register your credit card to your wristband, and then you won’t have to worry about losing it or having it stolen. Keep things like chapstick, sunscreen, Ibuprofen/Advil, and ponytail holders on you! Or band-aids if you’re like me and get blisters. Last- take things like zinc, vitamin C, and Claritin the day of! That will help keep you from getting sick.

I hope this was helpful! See y’all at the next one.


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Easy Halloween Costumes October is my MONTH, y’all. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, because I absolutely love planning out and executing some cute and creative costumes. All of these costumes were while I was a college student, so I was obviously ballin’ on a budget. These are budget friendly, easy, creative costumes I enjoyed putting together. Now, I will give a disclaimer out and say I love doing makeup and some of these may be harder for people who do not feel the same way. Youtube will be your best friend there.

This was my most recent Halloween costume, from last October (2018). I got so many compliments on my makeup and my outfit, which took maybe an hour to pull off. My outfit was a full bodysuit from Windsor, which actually kept me warm throughout the night, but was still fitted and flattering! I did both of the above makeup looks, and got them completely from an inspiration image or a Youtube video. I’m pretty sure I actually only did half of my face because I got too tired to do the other half, but everyone thought it was super creative and cool looking.

Dead anything. Am I right? I was a dead/vampire nurse for this one, and this costume probably cost me under $20 total. I believe this outfit was from Amazon, and the face makeup was from somewhere like Party City. The fake blood and dark makeup are about as easy as it gets. My friend Maddy actually got inspiration from one of my previous Halloween looks, which is at the bottom of this post.

This was definitely one of my favorite looks so far. I was the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, and got my inspiration from a makeup artist on Instagram- she has some amazing Halloween content.

Going back to 2016- a classic Halloween frat party look. I was a mermaid this year, and got this wig pretty cheap online. I came across a Youtube video that showed me how to get the scale effect- the behind the scenes is pretty hilarious. I put fishnet tights over my head and went in with some eyeshadow. The dress was one of those skate dresses everyone used to have at one point in time from American Apparel.

Freshman year of college! This was the first time I really started getting into Halloween looks. Fun fact- my RA actually did this makeup on me and I was obsessed. Shout out Melissa Starkweather. I wore my high school cheerleading outfit, and was a dead cheerleader! This costume cost me literally nothing. Moral of the story- you don’t have to spend a fortune to have an awesome Halloween costume! Let me know your favorite of these in the comments 🙂


]]> (Grace Dupuy Photography) Thu, 17 Oct 2019 02:00:15 GMT San Miguel de Allende Wedding Vibrant destination wedding in Mexico

This summer I had the incredible experience of shooting my friend Shelby’s beautiful wedding in Mexico! Most of my weddings so far have been local, so I was thrilled to have the chance for a destination wedding. San Miguel did not disappoint. Everyone I met there was beyond accommodating, kind, and the city itself is stunning. Although I was not previously familiar with San Miguel de Allende, I found out it is a common destination for weddings. It has that old-town feel, with cobblestone streets and colorful buildings everywhere. Shelby and Andrew had a three-day event, starting with a welcome parade. The parade was an absolute dream to capture- all of the wedding guests wore white, while Shelby and Andrew wore vibrant colors and really stood out. There was a mariachi band that walked through the streets with us, a donkey, and the whole wedding party strolled through the streets of San Miguel together. 

The second day they hosted a pool party at their part of the hotel, which, by the way, was so amazing to work with. They had a private pool and really cute decor for the guests. The views from their villa overlooked the city, which was a really fun backdrop.

That evening was the rehearsal dinner, and honestly the only commentary I have is that Shelby’s fashion is off the charts. I loved this look. The decorations were adorable, and once again the hotel really impressed.

The third day was the wedding and reception. Early in the morning that day, we decided to capture some images around the city before everyone began to wake up. We wandered around, choosing some obvious backdrops like the stunning city center, and also some random doors and alleys that caught our attention. Shelby and Andrew had the cutest sombreros that they sported in a few of these! These are probably my favorite set of photos from the weekend.

Right behind my hotel room was a large area where they set up the ceremony and the reception, including vibrant colored flowers and a unique backdrop. Shelby wore two different dresses- both with gorgeous beaded and tassel details. The backdrop during the ceremony was created by the wedding planner.

Shelby and Andrew had such a fun first dance, and it really showcases the details in her second dress. Their sombreros made an appearance again, and the reception was under one huge tent that made for such a gorgeous setup. My parents are making an appearance below, as well as some other fun reception moments.

Pro tip- if you travel to San Miguel make sure to bring very comfortable shoes! I may have fallen once or twice. San Miguel de Allende is a very unique and photogenic place- thank you Shelby and Andrew for a beautiful weekend!

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My Microblading Experience Before:

So I’ve wanted to get my eyebrows microbladed for a few years now. It’s a very interesting and cool idea, but I was scared they would be ruined and I would be stuck with them. I have very sparse eyebrows but a good natural shape, and I fill them in every day when I do my makeup. So I started doing my research in the DFW area- who had the best reviews, and it was super important that I saw lots of before and after pictures. I found my girl, Becky, because she had all of the above. Plus, her website had lots of info and background on her training. Something she told me- and I completely agree with- is that this is not the type of service you should find on Groupon. She told me she had seen a million horror stories of people who wanted to hire someone cheap and ended up with really scary results.


I met Becky where she works, inside Novak Salon in Fort Worth. The salon was so nice and super clean, and she had me lay in a chair similar to one where you would have eyelashes done or laser hair removal. The first thing she does is ask questions about shape or color to make sure you’ll get what you have in mind, and then she ‘maps’ out the brows. So she drew an outline around my eyebrows of what the shape would look like once they were done.

She did the first ‘pass’ without any numbing cream, and basically this is how it works: she makes small cuts in the skin and then rubs the dye all over the brow so it fills in the cuts. They aren’t too deep or else they might bleed together and look like one tattoo instead of hairs.

My main concern was pain, and it wasn’t too bad. My eyes watered and I sneezed a few times (nerves are strange) but it was manageable! Here are a few (cringey) shots of her mapping out the shape, making the incisions and filling them with dye.



This was taken directly afterwards- I was initially worried because they looked so red and I have very dark hair. However, they faded to a natural brown. They were also very dramatic but ended up fading significantly. 


Four months later:

It has now been about four months since my first appointment, and they are now significantly more subtle. While I think they look the same with makeup on, it takes me WAY less time to do them every time. Also when I have no makeup on at all, I look like I have real eyebrows! Yay! Here is a picture below with barely any brow makeup.

Thank you so much to Becky at DFW Microblading! If anyone is thinking about having it done, I would highly recommend it. The only thing I (and Becky) would stress is to make sure you are going to a reputable place. Check the reviews, and this is not something to go cheap on. Xoxo!

]]> (Grace Dupuy Photography) Tue, 15 Jan 2019 10:48:45 GMT Seven Days at Kendra Scott As many of you know, I have worked as the photography intern at Kendra Scott this summer. It has been the most incredible job I’ve ever had, and I am so sad to have to leave! All of the girls in the KS office have amazing style, and the work attire is just casual stylish! I’ve had a lot of fun playing dress up every day, and put together a week’s worth of some of my favorite work outfits.

Before working here, I didn’t realize KS jewelry was so versatile. I have seen thousands of pieces while here, and am coming to the conclusion that any person with any style can find things they like in the many collections. I’m going to show some of my favorite Kendra Scott pieces, and how I styled them!

Outfit 1:


This dress always gets me a million compliments, and is shockingly from Forever21! I am recently obsessed with Kendra’s Charlie Grace earrings, which are basically hoops that face forward! This style is old, but they still have it in lighter metals. I paired it with the Sivan Choker, and a older long stone necklace. I love the Sivan because you can wear it forwards or backwards as a choker or statement necklace.

Outfit 2:


This was taken on the day that I shot the other interns’ headshots in Kendra’s office! I’m a huge fan of a plain white dress with fun colored accessories, and this particular one is actually from my time in Italy! My super fun earrings are from someone I really admire- a young entrepreneur Whitney Woodard! Definitely check out her pieces- these green earrings are her Mini Tassel Earrings. I actually paired them with a winter piece from Kendra Scott which is really fun and adjustable- The June Long Necklace.

Outfit 3:

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The iconic front lobby of Kendra Scott is so aesthetic and I may or may not have taken a million pictures in front of it…. I’m currently obsessed with this Beehive Pantsuit! Any of y’all who know me know I live and breathe for Beehive Boutique, and would recommend it to anyone! My jewelry was not from KS in this one, but my drusy rock bracelet is really similar to some of their drusy pieces.

Outfit 4:


Obviously need an outfit for going to sushi… My favorite piece I have right now from Kendra is definitely this necklace. It’s super adjustable, and I love it as a choker. They have the Olive Necklace in all three metals and it’s the perfect summer piece. Speaking of summer, the Julia Band Ring is such a dainty, pretty, ring that can be paired with really anything. It comes in so many colors and is super versatile. I needed the perfect ring all summer since- did I mention- the Kendra office has a nail bar for employees. Goals. My dress is from Beehive again! Shocking, I know. My braid is inspired by the hair GODDESS Chrissy Rasmussen from Habit Salon in Arizona. Go follow her and bless your hair needs.

Outfit 5:


This was one of my favorite looks this summer. My off the shoulder pantsuit is so perfect for summer, and from TARGET! Target always has really great off the shoulder things, and is so reasonably priced. Love u Target. I bought these amazing earrings in Greece a few months ago, and since they’re so chunky they needed to be paired with a more delicate necklace. Kendra sells fine jewelry now, and they are gorgeous. I love this particular diamond necklace a lot.  They do have really fun tassel earrings right now as well which are similar to the ones I’m wearing. This picture is in the photo studio, where I spent most of my days!

Outfit 6:


I just recently discovered Wildflower Boutique, which is right below my office, and went a little overboard there. These super cute shorts are from there! Paired with a generic white top and statement necklace, I had to go simple with my Kendras. I am in love with these hoops, and bought them in a few colors.

Outfit 7:

For the interns’ last day, we had a presentation to give to a solid chunk of the company. We wanted to look really professional while still bringing the fun aspect of Kendra to the table, so this was what I came up with! These Diane earrings are maybe my favorite piece right now, and all of the shell colors they come in are stunning. My top and pants are from Wildflower Boutique, and I wanted a pop of color with my heels to keep it fun.


Processed with VSCO with c3 presetProcessed with VSCO with c3 preset


Featured friends:

So many of my intern friends looked amazing on the last day, so I wanted to shout some of them out!



I had such a fabulous time working here and shout out to Jordan Petsy for being the best boss ever!

Huge love to everyone in my internship program and who helped us with everything  Until next time!



*December 2018 update: APPLY for this internship! You won’t regret it!*

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Dreamy Santorini Just ask any of my friends or parents- I’ve been raving about wanting to visit Santorini for probably the last ten years. As a photographer, I thought it would be the most photogenic place in the world and could not wait to visit it. Well, after my study abroad program ended, I finally did! Although I will say it is very much hyped up, it is still a really cool place to see. Elizabeth and I got there early in the morning by ferry, which was so much better than I expected… We used Golden Star Ferries to get from Mykonos to Santorini which only took about an hour and was pretty reasonably priced. Once we got there, we found out that Oia, our destination in Santorini, was about forty minutes away. We were haggled by taxi drivers, but thankfully our hotel, Oia Mare Villas has free transport services! The drive up is pretty rough… shout out to my mom who I know would have been miserable in the car, ha. It was pretty easy to get nauseous, but once we were there was worth it.


The hotel also had a porter who came and grabbed our luggage, which we could not have survived without. Oia is made up of a million stairs, many of which are very steep, and it is not very easy if even possible to carry bags. The streets and views were gorgeous, and we were so excited to see our hotel. We had a really good experience there, but I will say it is for sure overpriced. It was over double the price of our hotel in Mykonos, which was probably nicer. The perks were really great, though. The pool was nice, but small, which I think is pretty common in the area.


We mostly relaxed in Oia, but did a lot of shooting and one of my pictures of Elizabeth was actually featured on Triangl’s insta, yay! They are probably my favorite bikini brand, so that was pretty cool. After being fried in the sun, whoops, we went out for dinner at Thalami, which the hotel suggested to us. The food was alright, service was pretty poor, but the view was really nice. We made more kitty friends again like in Mykonos, and did a lot of exploring.


The shops are also really fun there, and on our last day there we had an amazing lunch at another place with a cool view. You’d think I would be sick of Italian food after my studying abroad there, but their spaghetti carbonara was delicious.


Later that evening, we watched the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life… these pictures are barely edited!



Santorini is definitely as beautiful as people say- I wish I would have had more time! To anyone going- it’s worth spending a while here.



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Athens I never really had Athens on my bucket list, but it was on our route to get home, and I really like it! Anyone who likes history will have a good time there, and since I just took Greek and Roman Mythology this semester, I had some background knowledge in the ruins which made it a fun thing to go see. We only had about 24 hours there, and spent a solid amount of the day laying out by the pool again. The hotel we were staying at, the Hilton Athens, has an indoor and outdoor pool, which is cool. The weather was perfect, so we chose the outdoor one, where I had a really yummy smoothie.


We recuperated, then decided to go see some of the famous Athenian sites! The hotel was amazing about recommending a few places we could see in our short time. We did not realize that the Acropolis has lots of different buildings that were iconic, so we spent a solid amount of time looking at things like the temple of Athena. The Acropolis is quite literally on top of the city, so the view is vast.

Once we were back, we made reservations to go to the Galaxy Bar/restaurant, which is on the rooftop of the hotel. I assumed it would be pretty, but it was even better than we realized. It has one of the best views of Athens in the city, and just a really cool vibe in general. The interior has dark moody lights, and the outside has a perfect view to watch the sun set. We had two amazing cocktails, and my favorite- sushi!

On our way out, we were able to grab a quick breakfast at the Executive Lounge, which I think is a really cool feature Hiltons have. We got to munch on some tasty breakfast while enjoying the view one last time.

I was so impressed with the staff at this hotel, and the Galaxy Bar/restaurant is definitely worth checking out! Athen is super cool for anyone who knows about mythology, so read up and put this next on your vacation list 🙂



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Mykonos I’m sure you have all seen the iconic pictures of places like Mykonos and Santorini, but they really do not do them justice. Elizabeth and I weren’t really sure what to expect, but were totally blown away by this area. First and foremost- there are cats everywhere! Super cute, but obviously problematic as all of them are not fixed. We arrived to Mykonos very early Friday morning to the Boheme hotel, where we were very warmly greeted. The staff was so kind and welcoming, and took our luggage while we were offered breakfast. The lobby area and pool area took our breath away, so we had some amazing omelets while we enjoyed the view.

They were able to check us in early, which was a huge plus, and gave us the keys which were a really cute touch! They are handmade and each key is different, which is special. When we went to our room, they showed us this incredible suite with a gorgeous view and a private Jacuzzi on the outside. I had such a wonderful experience with the hotel and the staff, and would recommend it to any friends going to Mykonos.

After recovering, we decided to go into town. Beware- the shopping is SO good and I am returning home dirt poor. Oh, well. We made our way towards the famous windmills, which were really cool to see in person. The town is so beautiful everywhere you look, with mostly white and blue buildings and really cool stones on the streets. All of the stores drew us in, with local paintings, handmade jewelry, and perfect souvenirs to bring back to family and friends. And although I’m sure they are all disease infested, the cats are everywhere and usually very friendly! So we made some new friends.

We were totally exhausted, so we didn’t go out, but Mykonos is supposed to have really good nightlife so I would suggest finding some fun places and taking part in that. We did go out for a sushi dinner, which was amazing. Koursaros was delicious, but super expensive, which we did not know in advance. So adults, definitely go, but students like me- probably look elsewhere.

I loved Mykonos, and hope you get to see it one day! Make sure to leave lots of room in your suitcase, because the shopping is too good. Comment your bucket list vacation below 🙂




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Springfest München I’ve always heard of Oktoberfest, but Springfest is like the little sister that fewer people know about! I am so glad I got to make a trip to Munich during my time in Europe, and had no idea how close Italy was to Germany. Although the trip there was crazy, I would definitely recommend it and had a fabulous time.

Maddy and I were flying from Bologna straight to Munich, which is only one hour away. Unfortunately, once we got to the Bologna airport, Maddy realized she had forgotten her passport! We begged the gate assistant to overlook this, but she was forced to go home. So I flew by myself to Munich, where I was staying at one of the most amazing Hiltons. The Hilton Munich Park has amazing customer service, is right next to metro stations, and has amazing accommodations! Our room was on the 12th floor, which had a beautiful view, and they left us sweet touches like notes and fresh fruit.

Once Maddy got back, she found a Flixbus that would go through the night and arrive to Munich in the morning! So I enjoyed the free breakfast that comes with the room, and we planned to meet at the fest. Although the hotel sells gorgeous Drindls, the traditional German dress worn to the festival, I set out on a mission for more affordable options. The hotel sells genuine ones, so the price range is higher. The concierge was so helpful with public transport, and I was able to buy my ticket directly from him! It was actually quite difficult to find a store, but I found one with tons of options close to the fest in the 50-70 euro price range. The store owner was so nice, and gave me a free hairpiece!

I finally met up with Maddy at Springfest, after her literally 12-hour bus ride… Fun. The fest is basically a big carnival, with things like a ferris wheel and some actually crazy rides! We went into the Hippodrom, which is a huge tent where everyone sits and drinks beer while listening to some live music. Maddy and I don’t even like beer, but the ambience was so fun! I ate huge pretzels and had way too much sugar, then we went back to the hotel and relaxed.

In the evening, we were introduced to the ‘cocktail master’, Lucas, who the manager definitely hyped up. We were not let down. After some of these tasty and colorful drinks, we headed to their restaurant. I was so impressed by this food and service! The manager kept checking on us and was so friendly, and had lots of recommendations. Being from Texas, I wanted to try their filet, and am very picky about this particular staple. Maddy also has all of her dietary restrictions, but neither of us were disappointed. My steak and Maddy’s chicken were amazing, and I could have legitimately had hundreds of the sweet potato fries.

Although we were there for a very short time, the hotel completely took care of us and made everything so fun and easy. I can’t believe this was my last weekend trip while abroad, and am so glad it was this one!


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